Banana Chocolate Ice Cream

Written by My Nutrilosophy
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  • When the weather is hot, there’s nothing better than a 2 step, super healthy ice cream!

    Recipe for 4:



    4 medium ripe bananas (cut and frozen)

    3 tablespoons raw cocoa powder





    1. Simply cut the bananas and put them in the freezer.

    2. Once frozen, blend them together with 3 tablespoons of raw cocoa powder.

    Your ice-cream is ready! You can enjoy it right away or you can re-freeze for about half an hour.


    An ice-cream that’s good for you!

    Not only are bananas amongst the most popular fruits on the planet, they are also extremely healthy and delicious. They provide the body with potassium which is particularly important for maintaining your blood pressure within a healthy range and magnesium which is also important for heart health.

    Bananas are a great source of energy for athletes, active kids and even busy people with office jobs. The fiber in bananas helps you feel full for long periods of time. Bananas help prevent muscle cramps largely due to their high mineral content and this is one of the many reasons they are particularly popular among athletes.

    Cocoa is a super antioxidant with numerous health benefits! It promotes heart health by protecting LDL against oxidation, has strong anticancer properties and may improve brain function too!

    This recipe is great for people who are lactose intolerant, who want to detox, who are fasting or for those of you who avoid dairy products in general.       



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