Do you feel tired and overworked?

Do you have difficulty losing weight?

Do you have trouble sleeping?



Then My Boost Body Cleanse may be the answer for you


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Your body is telling you it needs a cleanse
if you have sugar or other food cravings that you cannot control. 


"This means that your diet is rich in refined carbohydrates (white flour, cereals, sugar) and that you have fallen in the trap of a sugar addiction cycle. My Boost Body Cleanse will help you get out of this and re-gain control of your eating and health."

My Boost Body Cleanse is backed up by real science. It utilizes the synergistic power of real food to enhance the body’s detoxification capabilities. If you want an easy-to-follow, inexpensive and gentle way to boost your immune system, decrease inflammation and balance your hormones, we welcome you to try our cleanse. It is based on the latest research and was made with care and attention to detail just for you.

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What does the My Boost
Body Cleanse offer?

  • 3 - phase easy-to-follow cleanse
  • Science -based nutrition information on the
    best foods to help cleanse your body
  • 16 Day meal plan
  • Easy and delicious recipes for meals and smoothies
  • Valuable tips for long term lifestyle changes

With My Boost Body Cleanse you get:

A comprehensive list of herbs, foods, smoothies and teas
that will help the detoxification processes of the body

A long list of nourishing foods to help the body replenish much needed
nutrients for proper functioning of all the organs of the body.

Tasty and easy to follow recipes

My Boost Body Cleanse will boost
your metabolism and leave you
feeling re-vitalised.

my boost book

My Boost Body Cleanse will teach you:

  • How to eat clean
  • How to design your meals for optimal health
  • Which foods to remove in order to minimize
    inflammation and feel your best
  • How to add foods with powerful health promoting
    properties in your diet
  • How to make a new start every time you feel that
    you have overindulged
  • How to Re-boot your health

Do I really need a Cleanse?

  • The world around us is not as clean and pure as it once was. Endocrine-
    disrupting chemicals, heavy metals and pesticides from our food
    supply enter the body constantly.
  • When the toxins entering the body exceed its detoxification capacity,
    the liver’s detoxification system is overloaded. The liver then stops
    functioning properly and toxins accumulate in the body.
  • Toxins can slowly build up in some organs and silently interfere with
    their function. They interfere with:
    • Normal hormonal balance
    • Thyroid function
    • Immune system
    • Glucose / Energy Metabolism
    • Fertility

Help your body get some rest, detox and
re-boot with my boost body cleanse

The Basic Philosophy of “My Boost” Body Cleanse

To remove the foods that stress your detoxifying organs and damage
your health long-term and short-term

To add nutritious foods to nurture the body

To add foods and herbs with detoxifying properties


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