“Curing cancer starts with
preventing it in the first place!”

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The Preventive Power of Food

will teach you how to:

check iconAdd powerful anticancer foods in your diet

check iconAvoid toxin exposure that leads to cancer

check iconBoost your immune system

check iconIncrease your antioxidant protection

check iconStop inflammation

check iconShop, cook and eat to keep cancer away


ANTICANCER – The Preventive Power of Food
presents the most up-to-date scientific evidence on the role of diet on cancer. It presents hundreds of scientific papers from both laboratory experiments and clinical trials demonstrating the anticancer effects of an extensive list of foods, herbs and natural bioactive compounds. 

This book will prove to be a valuable tool:

  • If you simply want to keep yourself and your family healthy
  • If you or someone near you is facing cancer
  • If you are a health care professional or cancer caregiver
    seeking the latest scientific knowledge on the role of nutrition in cancer development and progression.
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percentNew cancer cases will rise by 70 % in the next two decades

men Cancer Research UK estimates that soon 1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime

1in31 in 3 new cancer cases can be prevented by lifestyle changes

“Your food choices can be game changers
in reducing your cancer risk and in
optimizing any cancer treatment.”  


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